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Judgment Collection Specialists, Inc. was incorporated in Texas in 2001. We are located in the metro-Houston area.

While our base of operations is in Harris County, we serve clients throughout Texas, the United States and internationally. Our broad client base includes attorneys, private investigators, financial institutions, government agencies, corporations and individuals, all of whom rely on us to obtain and provide comprehensive asset search and collection of civil judgments.

Our company founder is a former Director of Credit and Collections for North America for a prominent Fortune 100 company. His 30-plus years experience include responsibilities for thousands of customers, billions of dollars in accounts receivable, and a large staff in credit, collections and A/R systems. He and our collections and research staff are trained by the State Bar of Texas, and are networked with other collections professionals throughout the United States. Our company has made substantial investments in technology and systems in order to provide the best-in-class access to relevant debtor information.

Judgment Collection Specialists, Inc., is a member in good standing with the both the National Judgment Network and the Better Business Bureau.

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Common Questions for Asset Search:

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What is an Asset Search, and how can it help in the collection of my judgment?


(Please note - for individuals we require an asset search upfront before we will consider your case for recovery)

A civil judgment creditor needs to understand what assets his or her debtor owns that may be used to satisfy the judgment.  Once asset holdings are understood, then the judgment creditor can pursue at least two avenues to satisfy the judgment:  1)  The creditor and debtor can work towards a financial settlement, or 2)  in the case of a delinquent or uncooperative debtor, some assets may be seized to satisfy the judgment.  In either case, without the creditor having a solid understanding of the debtor's ability to satisfy the judgment, there is little chance for negotiation, settlement, or seizure.

Many judgment creditors are aware of this, but don't know where to turn for accurate, reliable, comprehensive asset search information.  Judgment Collection Specialists can help.  All of our Asset Search offerings are conducted on a NATIONWIDE basis, and many of our search packages come with helpful analysis to help you interpret and use the data.  

Common Questions for Judgment Recovery:

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Just a note:

We will accept judgment cases for evaluation where the principal rendered at verdict is at least $10,000.

To qualify, a complete asset search (#9 Combined Asset Package or #10 Judgment Enforcement Package) must be conducted in order to understand debtor asset holdings.  If the asset search conducted by our company indicates a collectible status for the judgment, an assignment may be considered