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Our services include nationwide property search, nationwide bank account search, employment search, brokerage account search, and skip trace. We provide supporting documents for our enhanced property search to ensure verification of assets.

Are you an attorney, corporate officer or private investigator looking for comprehensive asset search information on a debtor - or who needs a complete asset search on behalf of your client? 

Are you a civil judgment creditor attempting a judgment collection, and require an asset search / bank account search / employment search to enforce your judgment?

The key to success for recovery, whether pre-judgment or post-judgment, is having solid, reliable information on your subjects. Judgment Collection Specialists can help.


For the express purpose of providing information for the collection of debts



Judgment Recovery & Collection



For Attorneys & Private Investigators



Pertaining to Alimony & Child Support



Locate Bank Accounts & Property

for Garnishment/Satisfaction

of Tax Warrants

​Our services include nationwide property search, nationwide bank account search, employment search, brokerage account search, and skip trace. 

We provide supporting documents for our Enhanced Property Search to ensure verification of assets.

Our understanding, experience and focus, makes us uniquely qualified to assist in all of your asset search needs.

Scope of Our Work


All of our asset searches are nationwide.

 Our search areas are not simply limited to one county or one state.

Including our nationwide 

bank account search, and 

not just limited to one county,

area or state.  

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Professional Discounts

We offer a professional discount program for attorneys, private investigators and corporations with a steady monthly volume of searches.

Please contact our offices to discuss the best arrangement for your organization.

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Supporting Documents

Our comprehensive asset location property search

(#4 Enhanced Property Search) comes with a helpful cover letter summary to maximize your understanding of the data, as well as supporting documents to assist in the collection of debts or judgment enforcement.

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We provide a full selection of

skip trace, bank account search and asset search 

packages that are created especially for law firms, attorneys, private investigators and their clients. We understand the type

of information you are looking for. Therefore, we provide you with useful information-not

useless data.

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Our prices are competitive. 

No other asset locator or information broker can match

our pricing on our Nationwide search packages.

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We are bonded, insured, and trained by the State Bar of Texas. We operate in full compliance with debt collection law, and have made substantial investments in technology to provide our clients with the

best-in-class access to relevant debtor information. You can trust Judgment Collection Specialists

to provide you with the best in asset location information.


We are a reputable asset location company. Our researchers have been trained to find helpful information such as:

  • Bank Accounts

  • Real and Personal Properties

  • Fraudulent Conveyances / Voidable Transfers

  • Current Employment

  • Brokerage Accounts

  • Investment Accounts

  • Bank Account Balances

  • Vehicle Registrations

  • Business Affiliations

  • Liens and Judgments

  • Bankruptcies

  • UCC Filings

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